Bilston Swim School

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Mrs D
I am very pleased with the progress and teachings of the staff. They are attentive and work well with my daughter and she loves going so could u let them know that from us please xxx
Mrs B
We can’t praise the Swimming club enough, you all do a great job and make people feel so welcome. You have some very talented teachers and young teachers too 👍😀

Hey J…I’ve been involved in football, Rugby, athletics, triathlon, gymnastic, table tennis and running clubs all my life…I’ve also had a spell in the Army and I can tell you I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm from any club as I’ve seen more so than in Bilston swim club!

The way you get those kids to coach the young ‘uns is brilliant and my 2 girls are jumping with excitement before Tuesday eve!

Those young coaches are the lifeblood of BSC…..

Well done to you all x



Me and N think you are all wonderful and doing a fantastic job with O

x thank you x

Mrs G

I think you all work very hard and the results show when you see the kids swimming. J loves it and I can see a huge difference from Bentley bridge lessons. X

I think you’re all amazing and H’s teachers are brilliant!!!!!

I can only say positive things about all of the staff at Bilston Swimming Club. I would recommend the club to everyone. Everyone has always acted in a professional manner towards my children. 👍

Mrs H
The teachers are always relaxed, appear happy in their approach which is what young children need. Their knowledge and expertise shines through this relaxed approach. I would highly recommend the club as a whole to anyone as I have every confidence with their ability. Also I would add that the communication between staff and parents is excellent with regards informing me of my son’s progress or areas that need extra work. Thank you J and all the young staff. You do a fab job x
Mr G

I think the teachers do an excellent job of engaging all the kids which can’t be easy when teaching that age. Hats off to them I say, keep up the good work.

Mrs S
I have boys in both pools and I think you are all great.
Mrs B

May I take this opportunity to say that I have never experienced anything other than commitment and professionalism from all the teachers.

V loves attending her Fri 7pm class and her confidence in the water just keeps growing.

Mrs V
I find all the coaches very helpful and experienced in their own individual ways. I highly rate the swim school because of their attitude and commitment towards the children. I appreciate all their hard work otherwise I would not be sending my children. They are talented teachers and I did not know they were volunteers. Well done every one.