Bilston Swim School

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Hat Scheme

Hat Scheme

We have introduced a new coloured coded latex hat scheme so children/ parents/ teachers can easily identify which group children should be swimming in. Each group wear a different colour to indicate ability level. Children are issued with a new hat every time they move up a group. We also exchange a damaged hat for free in the same way you would exchange a bag for life at Tesco/Asda.

Wearing a hat is mandatory as it’s safer, more hygienic, and keeps long hair out of your face. The only exception being anyone who has a latex allergy.

If you forget or lose your hat you will need to purchase another one from the club desk for £2. (This is a subsidised price RRP £3)

We ask that you contribute towards the cost of the hat scheme and therefore the termly fees now incorporate an additional £1 per term.(£4/yr)

Thank you for your understanding.