Bilston Swim School

In affiliation with Bilston Swimming Club 



In swim school our main focus is on technique. Swimmers will have their technique continually assessed by their teacher, during every lesson and immediate feedback given, to maximise their improvement. Swimmers will be frequently observed and periodically assessed by senior teachers to monitor progress.

Part of the criteria to progress from one ability group to the next, will involve consistently swimming a specified distance, whilst maintaining an appropriate level of technique. Therefore, as a swimmer moves up a stage, their hard work can also be rewarded with the appropriate ASA certificate and badge.

We don’t monitor for any other badges and we don’t run badge sessions. This has the benefit of keeping costs low for parents and allows us to keep the focus on technique.

Water Confidence
(Red Hat)

Tadpole 1
(Orange Hat)

Tadpole 2
(Yellow Hat)

Tadpole 3
(Green Hat)

Tadpole 3 Advanced
(Blue Hat)

(White Hat)

(Black Hat)